Lonnie Reed-Perez

Lonnie Reed-Perez

Lonnie Reed-Perez is a highly skilled freshman athlete in college, playing forward for the Penn State Lehigh Valley Men's Basketball Team at a towering height of 6'6. His impressive talents and athleticism make him a dominant force on the court, helping lead his team to victories.

During his high school career, Lonnie was recognized as a Top 40 All-star at the 2021 WCE Elite 100 Camp and invited to the 2022 Pangos Best of Arizona Top 80 Camp. He also played for Hillcrest Prep's National Varsity team.

Currently, Lonnie has earned the PSUAC All-Academic award and has been featured in two 'RealGM' press reports. As a freshman, he has also successfully completed multiple NIL deals, demonstrating his professional skills and punctuality.


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